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Worker’s compensation and claims management services.

Brennan & Stuart, as leader and innovator in the worker’s compensation and commercial insurance field, has partnered with National Insurance Advisory Services, Inc. (NIAS) to provide our clients with TOP NOTCH claim management services. Our goal is to identify the potential for lowering our client’s worker’s compensation premium.

Mathematical Modeling

We are able to provide mathematical models, based upon your actual premium and loss history that will show the best possible deductible/premium combination for your business.

Experience Modification Factor Verification and Correction

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) often incorrectly calculates experiences mod factors. We will verify the validity of your present “mod” and will handle the corrections, if necessary and justifiable.

Claims Audits

We will audit your open claim reserves quarterly and verify that these reserves are set properly and closed within a timely fashion.

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