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Your leader in worker’s compensation and commercial insurance

At Brennan & Stuart Inc., we help to steer clients towards what is best for them after fully educating them and getting them comfortable in all aspects of their various options.

Experience Modifier Review

Is your experience modification correct? All too many times employers don’t know there is a mechanism in place to verify their mod is correct. Mistakes in your mod can cost you thousands of dollars in excessive premiums. Let us audit your experience mod.

Worker’s Compensation Claims Review

As your agent we will meet regularly to review open claims and reserves. We have a procedure in place to determine if open claim reserves are set too high or whether reserves have been properly reduced by your insurance carrier(s). Overstated reserves can cost you additional premium dollars.

Contract Review

We review the insurance sections of contracts and advise our clients if their current protection covers them or if additional insurance is required. We will also communicate with the general contractor if we feel the insurance terms are too extreme.

Risk Transfer Alternatives

How much risk is your company comfortable sustaining? Determining how much risk your company can sustain is a difficult task. Brennan & Stuart will help evaluate your current insurance program and determine alternative risk mechanisms so you can choose which option is best for you.

OSHA Safety

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that employers provide employees with a safe and healthful workplace. OSHA compliance is more than just following regulations or protecting your workers; it is also about protecting your company. We will help you understand OSHA regulations as well as implement safety manuals/programs at your workplace.

24/7 Certificates of Insurance

Need a certificate issued quickly? Our online portal is designed to allow insured’s the ability to access certificates of insurance 24/7. It provides a convenient way to create, deliver, and manage certificates from within an organization.

Business Continuation Plan

A sound business continuation plan is critical to any organization. We can help you develop an action plan so that your organization can effectively respond to an unforeseen event and continue with normal business operations.

Retirement Plans

Need advice setting up, administering, or making decisions on your company retirement plan. We have options and solutions to help you tailor the plan that’s right for you. Our financial advisor can help you establish realistic goals and provide the strategy by which to reach them.


Employers are faced with many challenges in addition to operating their business. Federally mandated legislation such as COBRA, HIPPA, FMLA and ERISA are complicated and can change at any given time. BSI assists our clients to stay in compliance with these mandates. Employer groups can be subjected to substantial fines if they are found to be out of compliance. With Brennan & Stuart Inc. as your broker it’s an extra layer of protection in an area most people are not even aware that they need to be concerned with.

Consolidated Billings

In today’s competitive market place many insurance companies have become more specialized in certain areas of their product offerings. Though they might offer several products as a convenience, they may only specialize and be competitive in one or two products. For employers to maximize the best cost with the best product they may have to utilize several carriers. This results in multiple bills and multiple eligibility tracking. BSI has a way of capitalizing on getting our clients the multiple carriers at the best price and offering one bill, making the employers life easier.

Funding Mechanism

Fully Insured, Partially Self Funded, HSA, or HRA’s which one is best? Should you do only one? Can you do a combination of more than one arrangement? Is your current broker educating you properly in these different arrangements? Oftentimes brokers steer clients away from arrangements they don’t fully understand, or ones they cannot make as much commissions on. BSI is an expert in these various funding mechanisms. We help clients navigate through their various options.

Technology Solutions

Technology in the world of benefits is a great thing if it makes your life easier. More times than not when technology is coupled with benefits it’s nothing more than “fluff” or it ends up being cumbersome and ultimately not used. Brennan & Stuart Inc. provides technology that is truly a solution to the problems all employers are faced with in today’s fast paced business world. We provide our clients with technology based solutions that make their lives easier.

RX Management

Prescription Drug costs are continuing to increase by double digits every year. The use of prescription drugs also continues to be on the rise. Cost shifting to employees with higher copays is one solution to controlling cots, but it will only get you so far. BSI has a unique partnership with an RX Manager. We have the ability to produce significant savings in the specialized management of prescription drugs and provide detailed information that most employers never see regarding their health plan. In addition, all this is possible with you staying with your current carrier.

Service Contract

Many brokers promise better service, some deliver some don’t. BSI puts it in writing. We clearly outline what it is you will get from us. We provide you with a tool to measure our service.

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